Prescription Information
How To Fill Your Prescription and Helpful Tools

New Prescriptions

Filling your prescription is a simple three step process:

Step One

PDLabs will first need a valid prescription for you. Your physician should either fax your prescription to PDLabs or call in a verbal prescription for you. Prescriptions may be faxed to PDLabs at 866-687-2217 or 210-494-3010. Prescriptions may also be called in to PDLabs at 800-687-9014 or mailed to the following address:
101 Commercial Parkway
Cedar Park, TX 78613

You may also download the iRefill app from Google Play or iTunes and enter our phone number 1-512-219-0724. This will make refilling your prescription easy!

Step Two

Once your prescription has been received, some information about you will be needed to fill the prescription. PDLabs will contact you as soon as your prescription is received; however, you can also contact PDLabs at 1-800-687-9014. PDLabs will discuss different options to fill your prescription, and arrange for billing and shipping your prescription.

Step Three

The medication can be paid for by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and by money order. PDLabs offers overnight, two business day and three business day delivery services.