Learn More About Plantar Fibromatosis and
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What Is Plantar Fibromatosis?

Did You Know?: 25% of patients will have plantar fibromas in both feet*.

Plantar fibromatosis is a fibrotic tissue disorder or wound healing disorder, which is non-cancerous and is characterized by the presence of excess collagen or fibrotic tissue. The most common symptoms of plantar fibromatosis are firm nodular masses that can be felt just under the skin on the bottom of the foot and pain when standing or walking. Unlike the related condition Peyronie's disease, plantar fibromatosis nodules are not known to resolve on their own. Studies indicate that plantar fibromatosis is diagnosed most often in the middle-aged and elderly population, although it can affect people of all ages. It has been found that the incidence may be as high as 25% in the middle-aged and elderly population and that the condition affects men approximately 10 times more often than women**. Caucasians of northern European descents tend to be affected more than other ethnicities.

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